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Comprehensive Evaluation of ETC and EMR Launching Technology Based on AHP


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Comprehensive Evaluation of ETC and EMR Launching Technology Based on AHP
OUYANG Li-xin12HAN Yu-qi2
1.School of Power Engineering,2.School of Economics and Management,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
electrothermal chemical launching electromagnetic rail launching analytic hierarchy process assessment index
The concept and key technology of electrothermal chemical(ETC) and electromagnetic rail(EMR) launching technology are introduced.In order to evaluate the comprehensive performance of ETC and EMR launching technology quantitatively,hierarchical structure estimate system is established according to the estimation request of systematic analysis for guns.The estimation of comprehensive performance is taken as goal layer of the system.The availability,combat ability,economic efficiency and realizability level are taken as criterion layer of the system,and the launching technology of ETC and EMR is taken as project layer.Based on analytic hierarchy process(AHP),the comparison judgment matrixes are given by 1~9 proportion method.The weight of indexes in every layer corresponding to the dominant indexes in the layers is calculated.The total weight of comprehensive estimation of launching technology of ETC and EMR is 0.547 7 and 0.452 3 respectively.The comprehensive performance is better than that of EML,which is coincident with the present state of research of electric launching technology.


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