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Design of Structural Parameters of Six-axis Force Sensor with Stewart Structure Based on Sensitivity Index


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Design of Structural Parameters of Six-axis Force Sensor with Stewart Structure Based on Sensitivity Index
ZHANG Jing-zhu1XU Cheng1GUO Kai2
1.School of Mechanical Engioeering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Nanjing Branch,Artillery Institute of PLA,Nanjing 211132,China
six-axis force sensors sensitivity influencing factors performance atlas
The factors influencing the sensitivity performance in the sensor system are analyzed,and the parallel robot mechanism theory is applied to the static mathematic model of sensor.Analytic solutions of sensitivity index are presented.The concepts of sensitivity influencing factors of both force and moment are introduced,and the influence laws of force/moment sensitivity influencing factor on the sensitivity index are presented.Based on space model theory,two-dimensional atlases of sensitivity index of sixaxis force sensor with Stewart structure are built with dimensionless parameters,which supplies an effective method for structure parameters design of six-axis force sensor with the parallel structure.


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