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Multiscale Simulation of Nanometric Cutting of Single Crystal Aluminium


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Multiscale Simulation of Nanometric Cutting of Single Crystal Aluminium
SUN Xi-zhiCHEN Shi-jinCHENG Kai
Precision Engineering Research Institute,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China
molecular dynamic simulation multiscale simulation nanometric cutting
In order to break the quantity limitation of atoms involved in molecular dynamics simulation of nanometric cutting and enlarge the simulation size,this paper,combining the molecular dynamic with the finite elements and based on the core of the QC(quasicontinuum) program and the nanometric cutting features,develops the program used for multiscale simulation of nanometric cutting.In this paper,multiscale simulation of nanometric cutting of single crystal aluminum is conducted and the effect of tool rake angle on the nanometric cutting process is analyzed.Simulation results validate the feasibility of multiscale simulation of nanometric cutting.


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