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Numerical Investigation on Axial Evolution of Flow-pattern Topological Structure over Slender Body


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Numerical Investigation on Axial Evolution of Flow-pattern Topological Structure over Slender Body
GUAN Xiao-rongXU Cheng
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
slender body high incidence sectional flow pattern topological structure axial evolution numerical method
The process of primary vortices forming,lifting and shedding alternately along central axis from opposite sides of a slender body placed at high incidence to an oncoming stream is investigated numerically,and laws on axial evolution of its sectional flow-pattern topological structure are advanced.Some important phenomena,including primary vortex inducing reattached shear layer to form secondary vortex,secondary vortex dividing primary vortex to generate tertiary vortex,primary vortex merging with opposite secondary vortex,and primary vortex dividing opposite primary vortex to form shed vortex,are described,where the roles of secondary and tertiary vortex are stressed.The influence of incidence magnitude on the process is also discussed.With the incidence increase,the axial process is accelerated,and flow asymmetry gets harder;in addition,asymmetric flow pattern moves closer to nose,and quasi-steady flow region shrinks towards forebody.


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