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Optimizing Design of EFP Warhead with Hemispherical Liner


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Optimizing Design of EFP Warhead with Hemispherical Liner
GU Wen-binLIU Jian-qingTANG YongZHENG Xiang-pingQU Hong-rong
Engineering Institute of Engineering Corps,PLA University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210007,China
hemispherical liner EFP warhead orthogonal optimization X-ray experiment
Using orthogonal optimizing design and numerical simulation methods,EFP warhead with hemispherical liner is optimized.The effects of EFP warhead structure parameters on the performance of EFP forming is analyzed.Ф65 mm caliber EFP warhead with variational-wall-thickness hemispherical liner is optimized.The velocity of optimized EFP is about 2.5 km/s and the ratio of length versus diameter of EFP is about 3.15.The numerical simulation shows the figure and velocity for EFP are similar to those of X ray experiments.


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