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Measurement System of Mechanical Characteristics of Extravehicular Activity Spacesuit Glove Joint


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Measurement System of Mechanical Characteristics of Extravehicular Activity Spacesuit Glove Joint
WANG Jian-yu1LIU Hong1XIE Zong-wu1FANG Hong-gen1LI Tan-qiu2
1.Robotics Institute,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China;2.Institute of Space Medico-engineering,Beijing 100094,China
extravehicular activity spacesuit glove exoskeleton manipulator flexible joint
A novel method to measure the mechanical characteristics of the Extravehicular activity spacesuit glove(EVA glove) joint by use of robot technology is proposed.A new exoskeleton manipulator based on planar four-bar parallelogram mechanism is developed.This manipulator that can exert forces in two directions has good stiffness and its joint can rotate about a fixed center.The length of phalange of manipulator can be regulated for adapting to gloves.Based on the manipulator special mechanical structure a mathematical model of the manipulator is given.Aiming at the characters of flexible joint of EVA glove,a two-degree-of-freedom finger modeling of EVA glove is put forward.A controller architecture is built.The controller kernel is a PCI card,which contains a high-speed float DSP processor.


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