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Wavelet Interpolation and Filtering of Subpixel Remote Sensing Image


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Wavelet Interpolation and Filtering of Subpixel Remote Sensing Image
ZHANG ZhiXIA De-shenSUN Quan-sen
School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
subpixel interpolation filter wavelet
The paper introduces the subpixel technology and common interpolations.The subpixel technology is adopted for the reason that the traditional method of interpolation accuracy is not high.Wavelet interpolation is combined with median filter technology.The proposed interpolation is based on two low-resolution images offsetting half a pixel.New wavelet coefficients are estimated by the whole information of original images.The high-resolution remote sensing image is fused and reconstructed by two low-resolution images offsetting half a pixel.The wavelet interpolation adopts the whole information of the image.The detail of the image is retained well.The test result proves that the proposed method is better than common interpolations.The wavelet interpolation and median filter technology provides a fusing and reconstruction method for raising the resolution of remote sensing imaging system.


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