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Methods for Embedding Data in Gray-scale Signals


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Methods for Embedding Data in Gray-scale Signals
ZHANG Wei-ming12ZHANG Xin-peng1WANG Shuo-zhong1
1.School of Communication and Information Engineering,Shanghai University,Shanghai 200072,China;2.Institute of Information Engineering,Information Engineering University,Zhengzhou 450002,China
steganographic codes matrix coding wet paper codes embedding rate maximum average distortion
Efficient methods for embedding data in gray-scale signals are presented.By using binary steganographic codes and wet paper codes,a "double-layered" embedding scheme for ±1 steganography is proposed.It is proved out that the corresponding "double-layered" embedding can achieve the upper bound of ±1 steganography if the bianry stego-code reaches the upper bound on embedding rate of binary steganography.A "triple-layered" embedding scheme for ±2 steganography is presented.The distance between the "triple-layered" embedding and the upper bound is analysed.The results show that the near optimal embedding schemes for ±2 steganography can be obtained by combining "double-layered" and "triple-layered" embedding methods.


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