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Application of UKF in Bearings-only Target Motion Analysis


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Application of UKF in Bearings-only Target Motion Analysis
LIU Jian12LIU Zhong1
1.Electronics Engineering College,Naval University of Engineering,Wuhan 430033,China;2.Unit No.91458 of PLA,Sanya 572021,China
bearings-only target motion analysis unscented Kalman filter unscented transformation
The traditional algorithms applied in bearings-only target motion analysis(BD-TMA) have some shortages or disadvantages such as biased,slow convergence or divergence.To solve the problem,unscented Kalman filter(UKF) is applied in bearings-only target motion analysis.The realization of UKF is comparatively simple and convenient because UKF is feasible in processing non-linear problems and doesn’t compute the Jacobian Matrix or Hessian Matrix.In this paper,the UKF is applied in BO-TMA through bringing forward the filtering steps of algorithm based on the principle of unscented transformation(UT).Theoretical analysis and simulation result indicate that the UKF has the same performance to 2-rank Gauss filter and has better performance than traditional algorithms in precision,stability and convergence time when it is applied in BO-TMA.


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