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Integral Representation of Functionals in Space of Special Functions with Bounded Deformation


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Integral Representation of Functionals in Space of Special Functions with Bounded Deformation
LV Zhong-xue12ZHENG Li3
1.School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.School of Mathematical Science,Xuzhou Normal University,Xuzhou 221116,China;3.Department of Fundamental Courses,Shandong Vocational and Trade College,Jining 272017,China
space of special functions with bounded deformation integral functionals integral representation
The integral representation is studied in the space of special functions of bounded deformation,of the energy ∫Ωf(x,εu(x))dx,with respect to L1-convergence.Here integrand f satisfies linear growth and coercivity conditions and other special conditions.First,by using some properties of functional,the approximate differentiability of function and the special condition of integrand,integral representation of the volume term is obtained.Secondly,by using the continuity of trace operator,etc.,integral representation of the surface term is obtained,and integral representations of functionals are obtained.


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