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Multi-class Blind Steganalysis for JPEG Images Based on Micro-templates


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Multi-class Blind Steganalysis for JPEG Images Based on Micro-templates
GUO Yan-qing1YOU Xin-gang12KONG Xiang-wei1SHEN Lin-jie1
1.Information Security Research Center,Dalian University of Technology,Dalian 116024,China;2.Beijing Institute of Electronic Technology and Application,Beijing 100091,China
micro-templates JPEG multi-class images blind steganalysis
To judge which steganographic algorithm is used for a JPEG image,some possible steganographic operations in DCT domain is investigated and a new steganographic feature space is constructed based on the methodology of micro-templates.Supported by this feature space,a new multi-class blind steganalyzer for JPEG images is presented.Experimental results indicate that,for stego-images with secret message length greater than 20%,which are produced by typical steganographic software,such as JSteg,F5 and Outguess respectively,the steganalyzer can reliably classify all the stego-images to their embedding techniques with high accuracy above 97%.The methodology of micro-templates can effectively distinguish different steganographic operations in DCT domain,which favors the detection of JPEG steganographic algorithms.


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