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Influence of Charge Configurations on Plasma Ignition Delay of Propellants


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Influence of Charge Configurations on Plasma Ignition Delay of Propellants
XUE Ao-weiYING San-jiuXIAO Zheng-gangXU Fu-ming
School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
propellants plasma ignition interrupted-burning tests ignition delay
Influence of charge configurations on plasma ignition performance of propellants and plasma-propellant interactions are studied by interrupted-burning experiments of propellants ignited by plasma.The pressure-time curves and ignition delay time in interrupted-burning process of different propellants such as triethyeneglycol dinitrate(TEGN) and single-base propellants ignited by plasma are measured and recorded by transient recorder and pressure sensor in interrupted-burning setup.Influence of loading density,distance between propellants and plasma jet and charge way on plasma ignition delay of propellants is discussed based on experimental results.Results show that ignition delay time becomes longer as loading density of propellants and the distance between propellants and plasma jet increase.At the same selected location in plasma-flow field,different charge ways have little influence on the ignition and combustion process of propellants and ignition delay time as well.


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