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Trajectory of Glide Extended-range Projectile with Canards Configuration


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Trajectory of Glide Extended-range Projectile with Canards Configuration
YI Wen-jun1WANG Zhong-yuan2SHI Jin-guang2LI Yan1
1.National Key Laboratory of Transient Physics;2.School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
glide extended-range projectiles lift-drag ratio elevator angles ballistic performance
In order to obtain optimal gliding range,the gliding strategy and scheme trajectory characteristics of the glide extended-range projectile with canards configuration is investigated.After the dynamics analysis on ballistic characteristics,a ballistic model of the glide extended-range projectile is established in every flight stage.The results show that the best effect of glide extended-rang is obtained with the adoption of maximum lift-drag ratio slide.Numerical analysis of the influences of glide control point and firing angle on the trajectory performances of glide extended-range projectile is performed.The trajectory curve,speed variety curve during flight,attack angle curve and canard rotating angle curve are presented.The results provide an academic guidance for trajectory design of the glide extended-range projectile with canards configuration.


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