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Heat Transfer Between Gas and Inner Surface of Composite Material Barrels


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Heat Transfer Between Gas and Inner Surface of Composite Material Barrels
CHEN Long-miaoQIAN Lin-fang
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
composite material barrels interior ballistics finite difference heat transfer
To provide precise boundary condition for the composite tube heat transfer analysis,this paper adopts one-dimensional flow field model of interior ballistics in bore,and reckons the model of composite tube to be an unsteady quasi-one dimensional flow one,which includes the friction and heat transfer between gas and tube and radial heat conduction inside the tube.Then the unsteady compressible flow boundary layer equations in gun tube are established.Based on the equational solution by the MacCormack finite difference method,this paper indicates that the relative errors of the results from the simulation and the classics interior ballistics are within 3%.It shows that the speed of transient gas exerts greater impact on transfer coefficient,and the transient results from gas temperature and transfer coefficient should be employed when analyzing composite tube heat transfer.


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