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Combined Control of Mass Moment Interceptors in Terminal Guidance Phase


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Combined Control of Mass Moment Interceptors in Terminal Guidance Phase
GUO QingYANG MingWANG Zi-cai
School of Astronautics,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China
mass moment interceptors moving-mass-center control combined control
Moving-mass-center control is investigated for mass moment interceptors in intra-atmospheric space.On the basis of constructing the guidance model of an interceptor with a moving mass and eight attitudinal control motors,the system coupled influence caused by the relative movement between the moving mass and the cartridge case is described.The combined control law is designed to acquire the anticipant position of the moving mass and the switch command of attitude control motors.After the moving mass and motors are regulated in phase,overloading is compensated rapidly.The impact on the capability of system is discussed owing to the movement of moving mass and the stabilization of the system is analyzed.Simulation results show that this method can realize efficiently the terminal guidance of interceptors.


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