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Large Eddy Simulation of Three-dimensional Compressible Mixing Layer Flow


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Large Eddy Simulation of Three-dimensional Compressible Mixing Layer Flow
YING Zhan-fengCHEN Zhi-huaXU Xiao-leiDONG GangFAN Bao-chun
National Key Laboratory of Transient Physics,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
large eddy simulation mixing layers compressible flows
To offer a theoretical foundation for chemical equipment design,three-dimensional numerical simulations are made for compressible turbulent mixing shear layer based on large eddy simulation(LES).The numerical results show three-dimensional transient process of coherent structures within the mixing shear layer and the rolling,growing,merging and breaking-up process of vortices.Predicted evolution of large vortex structures and self-similarity property agrees well with relative experimental results.The influences of different initial perturbations and mixing velocity ratios on the mixing process are calculated and discussed.Numerical results show that the initial random perturbation and high mixing velocity ratio can enhance the mixing process.


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