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Fuel Economy of Vehicle with Power Split CVT


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Fuel Economy of Vehicle with Power Split CVT
ZHANG Lan-chunCHANG Si-qin
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
cars power split continuously variable transmissions fuel economy ADVISOR
In view of the characteristics of the power split continuously variable transmission(PSCVT),an economical car fuel economy is studied by means of combination of simulation calculation and prototyping test.A PSCVT mathematic model is established and embedded into the simulation software ADVISOR to finish the whole vehicle modeling.Fuel economy comparison between vehicle with PSCVT and traditional mechanical transmission is presented after fuel economy simulation based on the experiment data on the PSCVT prototype under urban dynamometer driving schedule(UDDS),which indicates that the vehicle fuel consumption is reduced distinctly with the same power performance.The energy-saving scheme and control strategy of PSCVT as well as matching between PSCVT and the whole vehicle is discussed.


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