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Papery Substrate RFID Container Tag Antenna Design


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Papery Substrate RFID Container Tag Antenna Design
LAI Xiao-zheng1LIU Huan-bin1SU Yan2LAI Sheng-li2
1.State Key Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Engineering;2.College of Electronics and Information,South China University of Technology,Guangzhou 510640,China
papery substrate radio frequency of identification antennas containers
It is showed by simulation that both the cubage of the container and the dielectric constant of the container materials are the major factors to influence the radio frequency of identification(RFID) tag antenna of container.The dielectric constant of the container materials has more influence on the impedance of RFID tag antenna.For universal "RFID container",a RFID tag antenna on papery substrate is realized,which is not sensitive to materials of the container.The tag antenna has suspension micro-strip multi-layer structure,and the dimension of antenna ground is doubled as compared with that of antenna radiating element.The simulation results show that the RFID tag antenna match impedance well with the RFID tag IC for several containers with different dielectric constants.


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