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Experiment and Analysis of Local Compression Bearing Capacity of Reactive Powder Concrete


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Experiment and Analysis of Local Compression Bearing Capacity of Reactive Powder Concrete
ZHENG Wen-zhongZHAO Jun-weiZHANG Bo-yi
School of Civil Engineering,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150090,China
reactive powder concrete local compression area ratio local compression enhancement coefficient bearing capacity
To establish the calculation method for local compression bearing capacity of reactive powder concrete(RPC),the axial local compression experiments on 48 RPC prism specimens are completed.The influences of strength of RPC and the local compression area ratio on local compression performance of RPC are researched.Experimental results show that the strength grades of RPC have a little influence on local compression enhancement coefficient and the coefficient increases with the increase of the local compression area ratio.Under the same local compression area ratio,the local compression enhancement coefficient of RPC is lower than the high strength concrete.Based on the experimental results,two kinds of calculation formulas for local compression bearing capacity of plain RPC and RPC with steel fiber are brought forward.All these can be served as references when revising the relevant design standards.


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