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Fault Detection of Networked Control Systems with Time-delay and Data Packet Dropout


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Fault Detection of Networked Control Systems with Time-delay and Data Packet Dropout
HUANG HeHAN Xiao-dongWANG Zhi-quan
School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
networked control systems network-introduced delay packet dropout fault detection
With the presence of time-delay and packet dropout effects,the problem of observer-based fault detection for a class of networked control systems(NCS) is addressed.An augmented model is constructed for a kind of NCS with network-introduced delay larger than one sampling period.Based on the fixed rate of packet dropout,the fault observers of the NCS are designed in both cases of packet dropout and successful transmission respectively.The observer-based estimation error system for fault detection can be viewed as an asynchronous dynamical system(ADS) with rate constraints on two events.Based on the ADS theory,the sufficient condition of exponential stability for the system is presented,and the fault observer design method based on matrix inequalities theory is also provided.By computing the residual between the output of the practical system and the fault observer,the fault of NCS can be detected.The numerical example validates the method.


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