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Multi-bit Watermark Algorithm Resisting Local Geometric Attacks


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Multi-bit Watermark Algorithm Resisting Local Geometric Attacks
WANG Dan12LU Pei-zhong12
1.Department of Computer Science and Engineering,Fudan University,Shanghai 200433,China;2.Southwest Institute of Electronic and Telecommunication Technique,Shanghai 200434,China
watermark geometrical attacks multi-bits feature points fast correlation attacks random bending attacks
A novel local geometrical invariant multi-bit watermark algorithm based on decoding using fast correlation attacks is proposed in this paper.The binary bit sequences of watermark as the initial state are fed into the linear feedback shift register,and the output sequence is embedded into the triangles which are obtained according to the scale-space Harris feature points and Delaunay tessellations.During the extraction,the embedded watermark is extracted according to the fast correlation attacks technique which has powerful error-correcting capacity.Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm is highly robust against various attacks including rotation scaling translation,cropping,even random bending attack in StirMark,JPEG compression and filtering and so on.


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