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Workload Model Based Method for Decision of Software Rejuvenation


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Workload Model Based Method for Decision of Software Rejuvenation
XU JianZHANG KunLIU Feng-yu
School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
software aging software rejuvenation system workloads semi Markov process
Software rejuvenation is a new technology for fault tolerance to effectively hold back software aging.A decision approach for software rejuvenation is put forward in order to improve system availability.The real-time system workloads are considered as a very important factor,and a semi Markov process is developed to describe the system workloads.Workload model allows us to determine optimal rejuvenation schedules with respect to various system measures.Compared with the method only based on time,the experimental results show that the method based on workload model has the higher accuracy of prediction,and it is also useful to select the proper rejuvenation granularity to improve the system’s availability and to reduce the rejuvenation cost.


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