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Interpolation Algorithm for High-speed Machining of Small Line Blocks


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Interpolation Algorithm for High-speed Machining of Small Line Blocks
YE WeiWANG Xiao-chun
School of Mechanical and Electronical Engineering,Beijing Jiaotong University,Beijing 100044,China
small line blocks high-speed machining numerical controller interpolation S-shape acceleration/deceleration
In order to make the new computer numerical control(CNC) system developed by authors have the high-speed machining ability of small line blocks,a new interpolation algorithm is built up by discrete method.An S-shape acceleration/deceleration control model is developed by summation progression and the corner of two conjoint lines is adopted as a parametric variable to control the feedrate through the inflexion of two lines.Based on these,interpolation process is divided into two steps: interpolation pretreatment and interpolation point calculation.Feedrate planning is accomplished in the pretreatment step.Interpolation point calculating only depends on the real-time feedrate and the direction vector of the line.Interpolation data analysis and actual running indicate that the acceleration/deceleration control of the algorithm is smooth and small line blocks program can be run at a high speed in the new CNC system.


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