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Measurement of Moment of Inertia Based on Real-time Computing Damping Ratio


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Measurement of Moment of Inertia Based on Real-time Computing Damping Ratio
LI Hui-pengTANG Wen-yanZHANG Chun-fuWANG Jun
School of Electrical Engineering and Automation,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China
moment of inertia damping ratio photoelectricity timing method torsion pendulum
In order to enhance the accuracy and the stability for measuring moment of inertia through the torsion pendulum method,it is demonstrated in principle the measuring position error can cause the period measurement error in the measurement of the period of torsion pendulum using the photoelectricity timing method,but the measurement error can not be reduced by multi-average.A method of real-time computing damping ratio using the ratio of adjacent area of period is presented,and the feasibility of this method is demonstrated by theoretical analysis.The experimental results show that the standard deviation of moment of inertia with the method introduced here decreases an order of magnitude than that with photoelectricity timing method.


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