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Workspace Searching Method of Thoracic and Celiac Surgical Robot


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Workspace Searching Method of Thoracic and Celiac Surgical Robot
PIAO Ming-boFU Yi-liWANG Shu-guo
Robotics Institute,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150080,China
surgical robots minimally invasive surgery workspaces preoperative planning
The mechanism of the two-arm robot designed by authors that can be used in the minimally invasive thoracic and celiac surgeries is discussed,and the original workspace of the robot in which the two arms of the robot cooperate to perform the operation is analyzed.Aiming at the drawbacks that the pose,shape and volume of the original workspace are uneasy to be found,the redefined new workspace which is a rotational body is presented,and the way to find the pose,shape and volume of the new workspace is proposed.Hence,the disadvantage due to the difficulty in preoperative planning resulting from the hard workspace identification is resolved.The computation example shows the method is effective,and it can be used in preoperative planning to find the actual operation space quickly.The good base for the minimally invasive thoracic and celiac surgery simulation using the robot and the actual operation is established.


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