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Guided Circumferential Waves in Double-layered Hollow Composite Cylinder with Welded Interface


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Guided Circumferential Waves in Double-layered Hollow Composite Cylinder with Welded Interface
ZHANG Hui-lingYIN Xiao-chun
School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
nondestructive testing guided circumferential waves interfacial property double-layered hollow composite cylinders dispersion equations
The dispersion phenomenon of the guided circumferential wave propagation in a double-layered hollow composite cylinder with a welded interface is studied.The dispersion curves of double-layered hollow cylinders with a welded interface and a free-sliding interface,and a single-layered hollow cylinder are compared.The results show that the first wave mode of the guided circumferential waves approaches to the Rayleigh wave as the frequency tends to infinity.The present investigation shows that the second wave mode can concentrate larger energy on the area near the interfacial surface.The second wave mode can be applied to the nondestructive check of the interfacial surface defects.The frequency range applicable to such a nondestructive check can be solved by the method presented here.


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