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Effects of Indoor Air Parameters on Frosting Characteristics of Channels Wheel Heat Exchanger


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Effects of Indoor Air Parameters on Frosting Characteristics of Channels Wheel Heat Exchanger
QU Shi-lin1GAO Bo23LUO Er-cang2WANG Miao4
1.School of Civil and Environmental Engineering,University of Science and Technology Beijing,Beijing100083,China;2.The Key Laboratory for Cryogenic Technology,Technical Institue of Physicsand Chemistry,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100190,China;3.Graduate School,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100049,China;4.China Construction First Division Group,Construction & Development Co.,Ltd,Beijing 100102,China
channels wheel heat exchangers frosting heat transfer
In cold region,the frost on the surface of air exhaust parts of a channels wheel fresh air ventilator reduces its heat transfer efficiency.In order to eliminate the effect,mathematical models of a channel wheel fresh air ventilator under frosting conditions are established which are based on the conservation of energy and moisture content.The models are used to analyze the frosting characteristics and the heat transferring characteristics of a channel wheel heat exchanger under different indoor air temperature and humidity conditions.The simulation results are compared with the actual measurements to verify the accuracy and reliability of the models.The model proposed here can provide a basis for defrosting control.


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