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Simulation and Analysis of Blades Damaged by Sandstone


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Simulation and Analysis of Blades Damaged by Sandstone
YIN Dong-meiQIAN Lin-fangXU Ya-dongCHEN Long-miao
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
aeroengines blades foreign objects damage nonlinear transient response numerical simulation
The ingestion of such foreign objects as sandstones into aircraft engines can often do damage to the aeroengine blades.The transient response of aeroengine blades under sandstone impact loads is analyzed with the contact-impact finite element method in LS-DYNA by numerical simulation.The impacting effects under different locations and speeds on the transient response and damage of blades are analyzed.The higher the impact velocity is,the bigger the impacting contact force is,and the greater the damage to the blades is.The plastic hardening of the heel of blades is enhanced with the impacting location closer to the top of blades.The result offers an important reference for the investigation of anti-impacting damage of aeroengine blades under foreign object damage,especially for the research of hard foreign object damage of blades.


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