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Effect of Cavitator Parameters for Underwater Projectiles on Natural Supercavity


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Effect of Cavitator Parameters for Underwater Projectiles on Natural Supercavity
XIONG Tian-hongYI Wen-junWU Jun-jiLIU Yi-xin
National Key Laboratory of Transient Physics,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
projectiles cavitators cavitation number natural supercavity
In order to obtain the characteristics of natural supercavity form with perfect reducible drag,and based on homogeneous flow hypothesis,a multi-phase model of natural supercavity flow for underwater projectiles is built using commercial CFD software Fluent 6.0.Supercavity form of several projectile model with disk cavitator and coniform cavitator are calculated under the maximal velocities of 500 m/s and the minimum cavity number of 0.001 55.The influence of headforms,diameters,cone angles,cavitation numbers on the characteristics of natural supercavity form is analyzed.The results show: the size of the natural supercavity is determined by the cavitation numbers and cavitators,the disk cavitator is valid for supercavity formation,and the smaller the diameter and the cone angle of cavitator are,the harder the natural supercavity is formed.


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