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Analysis and Design of Current-source Half-bridge Thyristor Power Supply for Induction Heating


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Analysis and Design of Current-source Half-bridge Thyristor Power Supply for Induction Heating
GUO Bing-nanLIU Hai-yan
College of Physics Science,Nankai University,Tianjin 300071,China
induction heating power supply inverters half-bridge current-source thyristors
A current-source half-bridge thyristor inverter suitable for high-power induction heating and melting applications in the low and medium frequency(0.15~10 kHz) range is presented.The merits of unique double current-source inverter circuit are introduced.After comparing the work status in different load current states,the relationship between DC and AC load equivalent resistance is concluded individually by mathematic calculation and the relationship waveform between the output power ratio and the frequency ratio is obtained.The results from the analysis of power output characteristics show that the best way of power regulation in high power output state is to keep the circuit working in the continuous mode and the frequency tending to be that of the ideal mode.The circuit parameters selection strategy is concluded.A prototype is designed and the experimental results verify the correctness of the proposed analysis and parameters selection strategy.


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