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VSCF Brushless Doubly-fed Wind Power Generation System Connected to Grid


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VSCF Brushless Doubly-fed Wind Power Generation System Connected to Grid
WANG Qi1CHEN Xiao-hu2JI Yan-chao3JIANG Ning-qiu1
1.School of Electrical and Automation Engineering,Nanjing Normal University,Nanjing 210042,China;2.Sino-Canada Windcor Wind Energy Application Technology Institute,Nanjing Institute of Technology,Nanjing 210013,China;3.School of Electrical Engineering and
wind energy generation brushless doubly-fed wind turbine synchronous coordinates control connected to grid variable speed constant frequency
According to the characteristics of components of variable-speed constant-frequency(VSCF) wind power generator and using rotor d-q model as a start point,a mathematical model is deduced for brushless doubly-fed machine(BDFM) based on synchronous reference frame.A total model of VSCF brushless doubly-fed wind power generator is established.According to the characteristics of BDFM,a new type of control for brushless doubly-fed variable speed constant frequency(VSCF) wind power generation system connected to grid is developed.The doubly-fed control is adopted in this system,the pulse width modulation current-tracing control is used in the inner ring,and the voltage compensation is avoided.Simulation results verify the availability and validity of the proposed control strategy.


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