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New Algorithm of Generation Hologram Based on Basis Fringes Diffract Light for Optic Interconnection


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New Algorithm of Generation Hologram Based on Basis Fringes Diffract Light for Optic Interconnection
CHAI Xiao-dongLU Jia-hua
College of Urban Railway Transportation,Shanghai University of Engineering Science,Shanghai 201620,China
wavelet transform basis fringes optic interconnection holograms
With the distribution of optic points in the optic interconnection on the detection plane(image plane) as an example,a new method of optic interconnection without Fourier transform is proposed,which is the diffraction-specific approach of basis fringe functions.Basis fringe functions are computed by wavelet transform and a basis fringe model in physics is established.One to three optic interconnection is obtained with the basis fringe at horizontal direction.In this method,the diffraction angle of a basis fringe is determinate because space frequency of basis fringe is given.It affords condition of precise orientation for the optic interconnection.


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