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Optimization of Fermentation Process of CoQ10 Produced by Candida Tropicalis(Strain C-1)


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Optimization of Fermentation Process of CoQ10 Produced by Candida Tropicalis(Strain C-1)
SHI Ruo-fu1XIONG Lu-lu2
1.School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Department of Education Evaluation,Yancheng Institute of Technology,Yancheng 224003,China
CoQ10 candida tropicalis fermentation conditions
The fermentation process of candida tropicalis(strain C-1) is optimized.The effect of some ferment conditions,including carbonaceous,nitrogenaceous,inoculating volume,pH and medium volume,on the biomass and content of CoQ10 are researched.The orthogonal test is used to analyze these fermentation conditions.The results show that nitrogenaceous is very important to CoQ10 synthesis and that pH,medium volume,and carbonaceous are in the next place.An elementary ferment condition is gained,that is,carbonaceous(glucose 26 g/L+sucrose 26 g/L),nitrogenaceous(yeast extract 7.5 g/L+peptone 7.5 g/L),pH(6.5),medium volume(40 mL),ferment time(30 h),culture temperature(30 ℃),and vitamin B1,nicotinic acid and iron are added to the medium for speeding growth.10.8 mg/L CoQ10 is obtained.


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