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Dynamic Stress Analysis of Towed Howitzer Placed on Different Soils


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Dynamic Stress Analysis of Towed Howitzer Placed on Different Soils
LIU DaGU Ke-qiuHE Yong
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
light-weight towed howitzers nonlinear structural dynamics complex structures finite element method large slide contact implicit time integration soil dynamics model dynamic stress
Influence of supporting soil’s characteristics upon dynamic stress of the carriage components of light-weight towed howitzers during firing is studied through structural dynamics finite element method.Nonlinear finite element modeling of structural dynamics for the whole complex structure system of a light-weight towed howitzer during firing is investigated;emphasis is placed on the modeling of connections of different howitzer components and the mechanics model with lumped parameter of interaction between howitzer structures and soils.Dynamic stresses of main carriage components of the howitzer firing on different supporting soils are obtained through implicit time integration to the established finite element model.By comparing and analyzing simulation results,a relationship,inconsistent with intuitive understanding,between dynamic stress peak value of gun carriage elements and the stiffness of foundation soil is revealed,i.e.,the maxima of dynamic stress responses of howitzer carriages firing on soft foundations are greater than those on rigid ones.


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