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Numerical Analysis on Interior Ballistics of Cased Telescoped Ammunition


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Numerical Analysis on Interior Ballistics of Cased Telescoped Ammunition
LU XinZHANG HaoZHOU Yan-huangYU Yong-gang
School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
cased telescoped ammunitions multiphase flows interior ballistics charge structures
To provide evidence for designing the material and the structure of the control tube of cased telescoped ammunition(CTA) gun,the movement of CTA in bore and the change of flow field in chamber are studied.Considering the conspicuous two-dimensional characteristics in the chamber of CTA gun,a mathematical model composed of unstable axis-symmetrical two-dimensional multiphase flow interior ballistic model and one-dimensional two-phase flow interior ballistic model is established and simulated by using the two-phase flow method and computational fluid dynamics(CFD) technology.The numerical results show that the strength of control tube must be up to 5 MPa if it is required not to be damaged before projectiles engrave chamber lines.


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