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Fixed Wing Aircraft Vulnerability Assessment under Fragmentation Warhead


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Fixed Wing Aircraft Vulnerability Assessment under Fragmentation Warhead
LU Jun-minLI Xiang-dongMAO Dong-fang
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
aircrafts vulnerability critical components fragments damage trees
To improve survivability of fixed wing aircrafts,a simulation method is presented about aircraft vulnerability assessment.A vulnerability assessment model of the fragmentation warhead to the aircraft target is established.This model includes the description of aircraft targets,the damage field model of warheads,the meeting analysis model of aircraft and warhead,the analysis of critical components,the damage assessments of components,the damage tree of aircraft targets.The developed model has the following advantages: taking account of the velocity and azimuth in the meeting model of aircraft and warhead;taking account of the effect of redundant components on the vulnerability assessment.The above advantages make vulnerability assessment more realistic.Based on the above vulnerability assessment model,an aircraft target vulnerability analysis software called ATVASS(aircraft target vulnerability assessment simulation software) is developed by VC++.Simulation experiments about a fixed wing aircraft vulnerability assessment impacted by a fragmentation warhead are done with ATVASS.Some suggestions are given to optimize the design of aircrafts.ATVASS is helpful to the disign of aircraft survivability and defence.


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