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Neuro-fuzzy Control of Semi-active Vehicle Suspension System with Magneto-rheological-damper


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Neuro-fuzzy Control of Semi-active Vehicle Suspension System with Magneto-rheological-damper
ZHOU Yan12
1.College of Mechanical Engineering,Guangxi University,Nanning 530004,China;2.Department ofMechatronics,Guangxi Vocational and Technical College of Communications,Nanning 530023,China
magneto-rheological-damper semi-active control vehicle suspension system neuro-fuzzy control algorithm
Based on the neuro-fuzzy control algorithm,a semi-active control of vehicle suspension system with magneto-rheological(MR)-damper is simulated for a 2-DOFs quarter car model in order to surpress the vibration of vehicle induced by uneven pavement.A neuro-fuzzy controller is applied,which is fed with the acceleration of the car and gives out varying command voltage to modulate continuously the damping characteristic in real time,so as to control the vibration of semi-ative vehicle suspension system.Simulation results show that,compared with the passive suspension system,the semi-active vehicle suspension system with MR damper and neuro-fuzzy controller can suppress vehicle vibration significantly.The system has good prospect in application.


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