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Power Consumption Comparison and Parameter Optimization of Two Large Tonnage MR Dampers


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Power Consumption Comparison and Parameter Optimization of Two Large Tonnage MR Dampers
ZOU Ming-songHOU Bao-lin
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
magneto-rheological dampers Bingham model power consumption optimum designs
To realize minimum power consumption,the optimization of structure parameters of internally and externally-valved magneto-rheological(MR) dampers and the comparison between them are presented.The structure modes of two different dampers are presented and damping force expressions are built by Bingham equation and correlative electro-magnetic equations.With the power consumption of two dampers chosen as optimum objects,and piston velocity,dynamic range of damping force,wire inductive time constant,and structure sizes chosen as constraint conditions,a searching optimization algorithm is programmed in MATLAB package.The structure sizes of the dampers are obtained for minimum power consumption.The simulation results indicate that the externally-valved MR dampers can satisfy the constraint conditions,and has a compact structure.


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