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Analysis on Surge Process Generated in High Power Pulse Forming Network with Capacitor Energy Storage System


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Analysis on Surge Process Generated in High Power Pulse Forming Network with Capacitor Energy Storage System
LIN Qing-huaLI Bao-ming
National Key Laboratory of Transient Physics,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
pulse forming networks capacitor energy storage equivalent circuits surge voltages junction capacitances
Aiming at the current and voltage impulse problems in a high power pulse forming network with capacitor energy storage system,the equivalent circuit model of the pulse forming network is established.The transient discharge process is researched by the theoretical analysis and numerical calculation method.The generation mechanisms of surge voltage and oscillatory current are analyzed,and the countermeasures for current suppression are discussed.The results show that the equivalent circuit has some characteristics of a second-order system if the junction capacitance of diode is considered.Reverse voltage generates on the diode because of sequence discharge process or nonlinear circuit load.A resistor of several ohm value paralleled with diode can make the circult achieve an over damping state and suppress the surge voltage.This method is verified by experiment and can be a feasible technical approach for diode protection.


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