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Backstepping Sliding Mode Control for Buck Converter in DCM


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Backstepping Sliding Mode Control for Buck Converter in DCM
SHEN Yan-xiaCHEN Jin-jun
Institute of Electrical Automation,Jiangnan University,Wuxi 214122,China
Buck converters discontinuous current modes backstepping sliding modes system generators
Taking account of the nonlinear characteristics of Buck converter,a closed loop controller using backstepping sliding mode method is proposed to improve its control performances.The discontinuous current mode(DCM) of the converter is considered.A design method of digital controller via system generator(SG) is proposed with analysis of the performances undergoing disturbances from both load and power supply.The simulation results show that: compared with the PI controller,the backstepping sliding mode control system has quicker responses,shorter setting time and smaller overshoot.Under the disturbances from the load and power,the proposed system can adjust the output voltage in time and the dynamical change is also small.All these results imply that the proposed controller is superior to the PI controller.This design also provides a novel design flow of the digital controller for Buck converter using field-programmable gate array,as well as a new way for further research of nonlinear control for the other direct current to direct current(DC-DC) converters.


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