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Novel Defected Ground Structure Bandpass Filter


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Novel Defected Ground Structure Bandpass Filter
GU Ji-huiYANG Yi-feiZHOU HongZHU Yin-xia
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
defected ground structures bandpass filters filter characteristics
Based on the traditional dumbbell defected ground structure(DGS) for microstrip line,a novel DGS is proposed,that is,changing the rectangle gap of the dumbbell DGS into snake-like gap.With the Designer software,the simulation results of the dumbbell and the new DGS demonstrate that the latter can obtain lower attenuation frequency in the same defected area and can take up less defected areas at the same attenuation frequency.The attenuation frequency decreases about 3GHz in the same defected area,and the defected area lessens to the original 30% at the same attenuation frequency.The radiation reflection to cascaded circuits is reduced and the electromagnetic compatibility for the system is increased.The influences of the new DGS dimensions on stop-band characteristics are discussed,and the proposed DGS is applied to the design of a compact band-pass filter.The validity and feasibility of the new DGS bandpass filter are verified by simulated results.


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