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Constrained Bearing Only Tracking Particle Filters


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Constrained Bearing Only Tracking Particle Filters
GUO Yan-fen1TAN Xue-qin2
1.College of Information Science and Engineering,Southeast University,Nanjing 210018,China;2.School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
target tracking Bayesian method constrained bearing only tracking particle filters optimal importance density
This paper studies the design and implementation method of particle filters suitable for the plane maneuvering target’s real time tracking.A general particle algorithm is analyzed by using Bayesian recursive method and a multi-mode model of target tracking is established by using Markov chain method.Aiming at the constrained bearing only tracking(CBOT)’s actual condition,the formula of optimal importance density(OID) used in particle filters is derived.The pseudo code integrating the particle filter algorithm and CBOT theory is obtained.The research and simulation results show the following conclusion: this algorithm avoids the own station’s maneuvering condition when the target motion subjects to some kinds of constraints;it can track arbitrary maneuvering of the target in clutter environment;its location scale and angle are more than the traditional tracking’s;it reduces the particle number and calculation complexity by OID.


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