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Blind Recognition Algorithm of Telemetry,Track and Control Signals of Satellite Based on Negentropy-maximization


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Blind Recognition Algorithm of Telemetry,Track and Control Signals of Satellite Based on Negentropy-maximization
WANG LeGU Xue-mai
Communication Research Center,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China
negentropy sub-carriers blind recognition independent component analysis
A blind sub-carrier recognition algorithm of telemetry,track and control(TT&C) in satellite system is proposed based on negentropy-maximization in terms of recognition of TT&C signals for military TT&C information scout in satellite system.The basic principle of the independent component analysis(ICA) is discussed.According to the problem-solving ideas of ICA,an objective function is presented which shows independence of output signals based on mutual information theory.As the source signal is blind,the probability density of source signals is unknown.To separate the signals,negentropy-maximization is achieved with approximate entropy of negentropy that represents the independence of the output signals.Based on analyzing FastICA algorithm,this paper expounds a new method to adopt it in the recognition of TT&C signals of satellites.Simulation results in MATLAB show its better performance and efficiency in the mixed TT&C signals of satellite recognition,proving its good convergence and robustness.


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