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Monitoring Performance Criterion for Triangle Grid-based Wireless Sensor Networks


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Monitoring Performance Criterion for Triangle Grid-based Wireless Sensor Networks
FU Zhi-xinWU Xiao-beiHUANG ChengXU Zhi-liang
School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
triangle grids wireless sensor networks node failures monitoring performances
In view of the problem of lacking targeted performance criterions for different structures of wireless sensor networks,the impact of node failure on the network monitoring performance is analyzed focusing on triangle grid-based wireless sensor networks.Some performance criterions,including the rate of failing node,the number of coverage neighbor nodes of active nodes,the number of network branches,and the degree of losing coverage are proposed.All these factors can be used to compose the monitoring performance criterion model for the network.The triangle grid method is presented for computing the degree of losing coverage accurately.The simulation results show that the proposed performance criterions are effective for evaluating the network monitoring performance in different node failures.


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