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Exponential Stability and Decentralized Control for Nonlinear Singular Large-scale Systems


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Exponential Stability and Decentralized Control for Nonlinear Singular Large-scale Systems
WU Jian-cheng1WO Song-lin2LU Guo-ping3
1.School of Information Science and Engineering,Jiangsu Polytechnic University,Changzhou 213164,China;2.School of Electrical and Information Engineering,Jiangsu Teachers University of Technology,Changzhou 213001,China;3.School of Electronics Engineering,Nantong University,Nantong 226007,China
nonlinear singular large-scale systems exponential stability state feedback decentralized control
This paper discusses the exponential stability and decentralized control for the nonlinear singular large-scale systems.The nonlinearities are functions of time and system state that satisfy Lipschitz constraint straint.A decentralized controller is designed.Based on the fixed-point theorem and linear matrix inequality(LMI),the existence and uniqueness of the solution for the systems are given.A sufficient condition is proposed by Lyapunov function approach,which guarantees the exponential stability for the singular large-scale systems.Furthermore,a parameterized representation of decentralized controller based on state feedback is obtained in terms of the feasible solutions to the LMI.


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