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New High-speed Communication Method in Bad Powerline Channel


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New High-speed Communication Method in Bad Powerline Channel
WANG Yong-jianXU Yu-binZHAO Hong-lin
Communication Research Center,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China
powerline communication multipath interference THP precoder single carriers quadrature amplitude modulation
In order to transmit high speed data in powerline communication multipath channels,a new method is proposed.The method is based on the THP precoder and single carrier quadrature amplitude modulation.It uses the THP precoder to get rid of the interference between codes.It can make full use of the channel resource of powerline communication(PLC).The computer simulation and the actual test show that: this method can complete transmitting high speed data in PLC channel,and it has good bit error rate performance compared with other methods.


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