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Multi-period Ambiguity Function Analysis of Symmetrical Triangle Linear Frequency Modulation Continuous Wave Signals


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Multi-period Ambiguity Function Analysis of Symmetrical Triangle Linear Frequency Modulation Continuous Wave Signals
WU LiPENG Shu-shengXIAO Ze-longSHI Xiang-quan
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
linear frequency modulation continuous wave signals symmetrical triangle multi-period ambiguity functions Doppler resolutions delay resolutions
For the problem to take into account of Doppler effect on the complex envelope in large time-bandwidth product symmetrical triangle linear frequency modulation continuous wave(LFMCW) signal ambiguity function,this paper adopts a complex envelope solution to deduce single-period and multi-period ambiguity functions of the large time-bandwidth product symmetrical triangle LFMCW signals.Their symmetry,ambiguity map and ambiguity function cut along their principal axis are studied.By analyzing ambiguity function expressions,this paper resolves theoretic Doppler signal resolutions and delay resolutions of single-period and multi-period symmetrical triangle LFMCW signals.The results show that the single-period and multi-period LFMCW signals have a same delay resolution,and the multi-period LFMCW signal Doppler resolution is 1/N of single-period signals.


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