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Effect of Environmental Temperature on Storage Rocket Motor Grain


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Effect of Environmental Temperature on Storage Rocket Motor Grain
PAN Wen-geng12WANG Xiao-ming1CHEN Rui2LIU Wen-qiang2
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Department of Aviation Ammunition,Xuzhou Air Force College,Xuzhou 221000,China
storage motor grains temperature fields finite element viscoelasticity stresses
Based on a constitutive model of viscoelastic materials,numerical simulation is carried out on the thermal load of some engine tubular charge under the load of constant or week change environment temperature.The stress field distribution rule of the motor grain is obtained.The result shows that the maximal stress causing the motor grain stress to change fiercely appears at the place of 0.103 7 m away from the pellet axis under constant temperature load,and it is the dangerous area of the solid motor caused by thermal stress.Under the load of thermosphere cycle changes,the maximal thermal stress appears at 0.015 15 m away from the shell surface,and the microscopic motor grain structure has the dislocation simultaneously.With the development of the dislocation,the macroscopic crack takes place which makes the motor grain to be apart and invalid,and the trajectory characteristic is influenced.


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