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Modified LDPC BF Decoding Algorithm Based on Reliability Ratio


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Modified LDPC BF Decoding Algorithm Based on Reliability Ratio
GUO Qiang
National Mobile Communications Research Laboratory,Southeast University,Nanjing 210096,China
low density parity check code bit-flipping decoding algorithm reliability ratio
Compared with belief-propagation decoding algorithm which has complexity class of o(n2),bit-flipping(BF) decoding algorithm for low density parity check(LDPC) codes has only complexity class of o(n).However,the performance of BF algorithm is degraded.This paper presents a modified BF decoding algorithm,which uses reliability ratio as a weight of information node in unsatisfied parity checks so that the soft information is introduced in decoding,and the decoding performance is improved greatly with a little more computation.Analyses show the modified algorithm still has a complexity class of o(n).Simulation results indicate that the error rate with 7dB SNR is improved from 10-3 of the weighted bit-flipping decoding algorithm to 10-4 of the modified algorithm.


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