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Novel Blind Source Separation Algorithm Based on Array Constructure


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Novel Blind Source Separation Algorithm Based on Array Constructure
FU Wei-hong1YANG Xiao-niu2LIU Nai-an1ZENG Xing-wen1
1.State Key Laboratory of Integrated Services Networks,Xi’dian University,Xi’an 710071,China;2.National Laboratory of Information Control Technology for Communication System,Jiangnan ElectronicCommunications Research Institute,Jiaxing 314033,China
blind signal processing blind source separation unitary linear array
To improve the separation performance of the blind source separation algorithm in array signal processing,a novel separation algorithm based on array constructure is presented here.The basic idea of the algorithm is that the mixing matrix is estimated by using the available blind source separation algorithm(i.e.EASI or FastICA).The mixing matrix is reconstructed according to the estimated mixing matrix and the characteristic of the unitary linear array.This reconstructed mixing matrix can be used to revise the separation matrix and improve the performance of the algorithm.Simulation results show that the average interference signal ratio of EASI-1 algorithm presented here is lower 7.5 dB than that of the EASI algorithm,and that of the FastICA-1 is lower 4.3 dB than that of the FastICA algorithm.


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